Do Significant Changes to 1099 Due Dates Affect your Business?

December 6, 2016

Hello! December just started, but that means 2017 will be here before we know it, and while every year brings with it changes, both expected and unexpected, this year there are some significant ones to filing deadlines for submitting 1099’s and W-2s that may affect you.

Filing Due Dates

Congress changed the filing due dates for certain 1099s for 2016: 

  • When box 7: Nonemployee Compensation has an amount included, the 1099s must be issued to vendors and submitted to the IRS by mail or electronically NO LATER THAN 1/31/17.
  • When no value is present in box 7 of 1099s, the 1099s must be issued to vendors NO LATER THAN 2/28/2017 and submitted to the IRS by mail or electronically NO LATER THAN 3/31/17.

Congress changed the filing due dates for submitting W-2s for 2016:

  • Starting this year, W-2s must be submitted to the IRS by mail or electronically NO LATER THAN 1/31/17.


Despite this being the first year of the new deadline, businesses are not being granted leniency on compliance. Hefty penalties exist for those that miss the deadline. Being one to 30 days late results in a $50 per return (each 1099) fine; filing after that window thru August 1 is a $100 per return fine. Finally, filing later or not at all results in a $260 per return fine. If a business is found to have intentionally disregarded filing requirements, the penalty can be $530 per return.

1099 filing deadline

Gather the Right Information Up Front

To ensure a smooth year end, collect needed and sufficient 1099 information early.

Follow these tips:

  • Have every contractor complete a form W-9 up front, and then every year thereafter.
  • Make sure each W-9 includes:
    • A valid social security number or federal identification number,
    • Legal name and 
    • A valid mailing address.
  • Review vendor payments prior to 12/31.
  • Keep organized records of cash payments made to subcontractors during the year.
  • Call your us with any other questions related to issuing 1099s.

NOTE: When in doubt, issue a 1099 to the vendor in question. No penalties are imposed for filing a 1099 when it is actually NOT required.  However, there are severe penalties imposed for not filing 1099s if required.

Relieving the Stress of Filing 1099s

Filing 1099s doesn’t have to be a high-stress procedure—if you prepare early and appropriately. Gathering critical 1099 information up front will not only alleviate chaos at year end, but also ensure that you stay compliant with 1099 filing mandates. We understand that filing 1099s is confusing for many business owners, which is why we are here to help wade through the rules and regulations.

If We Can Help

For more information on filing 1099s or to inquire about other services we offer, please contact our firm. We are happy to help you move toward a stress-free 1099 filing process. We look forward to hearing from you.



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