Say 'Howdy!' to the New & Improved 'My Alabama Taxes' (MAT) Website

Brad Garland, CPA

November 2, 2016

Yesterday, I wanted to check on some state tax information with the Alabama Department of Revenue's portal My Alabama Taxes (MAT) website. Upon navigating to the page, I was greeted by quite an update. While the old site wasn't necessarily outdated, the refresh offers an improved interface and re-designed access. Plus, the mobile version allows you to access, pay, and more while on the go.

For individual taxpayers, the sections are the same, but laid out in a more user-friendly manner. While it may take a minute to get used to the change, it should prove to be a more intuitive, and ultimately less frustrating, experience. Without having to log in, you can browse to check on your refund, verify that you did file your return, and take the ID quiz.

As I recommend for all AL40 filers, you can elect to receive a notice when a return is filed for you. Once you log in, that option is in the top right under "I Want To". While it's comforting to know when the ALDOR has received the tax return you filed, it also serves as a fraud alert if you have yet to file anything, but the ALDOR receives a filing. Other quick links there include SGO donations and adding access to other accounts.

Business taxpayers can log in to see recent communications and check on outstanding balances with the state of Alabama.

So the next time you go to the web portal, whether it's to check on your individual income taxes, your company's privilege taxes, your store's sales taxes, or any of the other taxes administered by the Alabama Department of Revenue, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new layout.


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